The missing link to hyper-personalization in Sports

Recognize these challenges?

Our data is so scattered and disintegrated
We need to understand our fans better
It is difficult to reach new fans
We don’t have the right technical capabilities
Our sponsor is expecting a higher ROI
We need more insights to help run our business
Our data quality is poor
We need to increase the relevance of our communication


of fans increased spending on team/brand merchandise following a good fan experience


of consumers wants brands to understand them better and know when to approach them


of fans say emerging technologies enhanced their viewing experience. Inside and outside the stadium




Meet Tifosi 

Tifosi is a customer data platform built for sports.

Our platform automatically centralizes all your operational, transactional and behavioral data and provides you with a clear overview, making data visualization and analysis easier than ever before.

Navigating our intuitive interface you will be able to extract insights from a set of pre-designed reports which were created in collaboration with industry experts. Are you a true data scientist yourself? Do not worry, our platform equally allows for self-exploration of the centralized data.

Furthermore, the centralization of your data ultimately results in an increased understanding of fans and their behavior which allows for more targeted, possibly even automated, activations.

Discover more on what our Tifosi platforms offers below.



Save time

Improved total experience

Personalized approach,
not a one size fits all

Own your data

Live in one month


What will our solution do?

Enable data-driven decision making 

Improve data quality

Save time by automating data centralization & integration

Allow for targeted automated activations

Allow hyper-personalized communication with fans


Give you full data-ownership

Provide a clear overview of who your fans are

And much more…


Ready to reap the benefits from your data?

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